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    GuyFromNam isn't so-so. He's an *******.

    (you owe me one, GFN. I know it's hard to uphold an image, but I'm always up to help a brother out.)

    More on topic, this is the first 'invasive' theme that I like, so thanks a lot Garrett.
    I don't know if I can bring myself to read the whole thread, but there's pretty much two things missing from CarbonOS as I see it: a skinned email app, and skinned loading cards. Even translucent would probably be quite nice, but as it is now the standard grey seems kinda jarring.

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    Thanks. Yea, I know I still have more work to do. I've been trying to juggle way too many projects lately, which has led to some things getting neglected. I'll try to work on CarbonOS while I'm up in PA for a week (I'm leaving tomorrow). If not, then I'll do it as soon as I get back.
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    Hey Garrett. I have two questions about some of the images in webOS. Figured you might know a thing or two.

    First I was wondering if you knew where the image(s) is that changes the splash loading scrim. I know most apps have their own splash scrim but is there one that changes all the others? Kinda like a global image?

    Also, I've never seen this on a theme or anything and dont know if its even an image. But you know when you pull a drop down menu down and theres a foggy white overlay on the background. Do you know if there is an image for that? I was going to see how it looked if I darkened the background instead of made it a light foggy look. Thanks
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    Hi Garrett,

    Links in Messaging such as phone numbers and URLs show up as dark blue against your dark carbon background and are therefore hard to read.

    Keep up your great work!
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    Thread closed per OP request.
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