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    I am trying to make this theme called "Back to Blue" which incorporates nights0223 Original Blue Theme and michote's Dark Glass theme. I can't seem to get it right. I put it up on prethemer and it is available through Preware. I tried installing the ipk through WOQI but didn't get the desired results
    I am using the latest Theme Builder and I placed all the files that michote had on his theme and also tried to put as many of the Original Blue files that would fit webOS 2.x. There were a bunch I needed to discard but many were still usable. Or at least the files had the similar png files. The ones that had different names or different png images were left out for obvious reasons.

    The things I can't get right is carrier string and time are not blue. I changed the value on Theme Builder top bar text colour to #0000FF (blueish) but the string is still white.
    The launcher is not changing to what michote has.

    Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

    Edit: After trying to get everything working, I think the problem is that the Theme Builder changes some files on me since it isn't really made for webOS 2.x. I will need some confirmation on that. The theme still works, but not as it should. Feel free to test it at your own risk. I will leave it on Prethemer and update it when I get a chance or figure out how to get it to fully work on 2.x.
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    Can't help you...but I did d/l and install. Dont mind the top bar at all and I am glad to see the icons. Its the launcher "glass" that I miss.
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    Bumping in case anyone is interested.
    Worked great with no issues...
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