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    I wonder if there's a way for some kind of compatability check to see which themes will run on webOS 2.1.0? Kind of like how the patches - depending on whether they work or not, they are or aren't listed...anyone know?
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    The only way I know of is to install them yourself. I would think that the minimal themes should work fine. The more complete ones that alter more than just icons might be more troublesome since some of those aspects have changed, like the phone app layout. It now comes with more buttons at the bottom than before so it would be difficult to try to install a > 2.x theme on a 2.x+ device.
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    This one: It's sexy.

    Weird. I dunno why my link's not working. Hold please...

    Well, whatever. It's adding some obnoxiousness to the beginning of the link, but you should be able to figure it out.

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