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    So the images on the lock screen can be changed. I know because I have changed pretty much everything on it. But I was wondering if animated gifs can be used like all the animated background patches. I tried changing the screen-lock-target-scrim.png to an animated gif but it just doesnt show up. I have used this same method for other images such as the battery icon and it worked fine. So can it be done or is that a "no no" area?
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    Hmm. I'm not entirely sure.

    Warlord should know though!
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    Yeah, I was hoping he'd chime in. I wanted a cool "fan out" effect for when you touch the padlock icon. I wanted the arc to fan out and stop. Just something to make it look more cool. lol
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    You can try to rename your .gif to .png
    People say it works but I could not get this to work for me on some images
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    Thats what I tried. And it didnt show up as anything. A cool trick I did find though is that if I did that to the file I mentioned above (screen-lock-target-scrim.png), the drag up to unlock text didnt show up along with the image. I remember people posting on how to get rid of that text.

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