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    Hey guys.
    Does anyone have the brand new HP boot logo? :P
    Would like to install it on my Pixi +.
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    Do you have a picture of this logo?

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    The logo can be found on the webos internalz wiki:

    Patch webOS Boot Themes - WebOS Internals

    The top two are the boot logos from HP and Palm.

    I think the HP logo is pretty classy too, but thought it looked better without the ring around it, so I tweaked it and threw it on prethemer:

    PreThemer // HP No Ring Palm Pre Boot Logo

    Note: I looked at their automatically generated IPK file and its prerm and postinst directives seemed to be for webos 1.4.5 and lower. The logos aren't mine of course, so if someone would like to create a webOS 2.0 version of the installer, please do! Alternately, i'll do it once I've set up my pre2 as my primary phone.

    (I would have put that up here, but the prethemer auto packaging for boot splashes was just too easy.)
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    HP boot logo will be Appear on WebOS2.1 for Pixi
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    Thanks guys
    Yeah hopefully 2.1 will appear on Pixi, but that relies on you mr.xtop
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    just changed mine to the custom palm one on the internals site

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