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    This is the first time I have ever attempted making a theme. I used webOS Theme Builder to help me get it started. Below is the official entry for the theme:

    Version 1.0.0:
    -Tweaked email app; minor tweaks

    Version 0.9.5:
    -Changed system menus

    Version 0.9.1:
    -Added battery icons; changed color of quick launch bar and quick launcher 'stache; changed some more icons; some minor tweaks

    Version 0.8.0:
    -Changed launcher and splash screens for many of the apps

    Version 0.6.2:
    -Minor tweaks; changed boot screen

    Version 0.6.1:
    -Added more icons

    Version 0.6.0:
    -Revamped phone and email apps; more notifications; minor bug fixes

    Version 0.5.0:
    -Changed the following icons: phone, text, email, calendar, launcher, web, camera, clock, photos, contacts, youtube, amazon, music player, calculator, wi-f, bluetooth, device info, memos, tasks
    -Reworked texting and emoticons
    -New background for phone, photos (partially done), and videos (partially done)
    -Boot screens, replaced screens for USB and media sync

    A mix of many themes (I-Pre, Palm I-Pre, Pre-Black, Green & Black, Droid, Beard, Glass Effect Suite, Batman(Hush Alt), Flying Booger, Bridge, etc.). A big thank you to all of the people who have made these!

    Many more updates to come! If you have suggestions or ideas let me know!

    I would like to make this look as uniform as possible, so any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. I am looking for a better, more artsy wallpaper and boot screens.

    The theme is currently available to download through Preware. Download it and give me input please?!


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    Pics please.
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    I am going to take some screenshots here shortly and I will add them on as soon as I can.

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    So far so good. I like the icons. Good to see people who haven't given up doing stuff for webOS.
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    Thanks! I am going to keep trying to make more themes if people like this one. I won't give up on webOS!

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    Same here. I have been working on a theme, but have a lot to do still. I might eventually put it up unfinished and keep updating it like you are though. With new devices coming out though, we are going to have to resize some images if we want it on those too. I never thought theming would be so much work. lol
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    I found that if I didn't put it up that I would never put it up because there are a million things I want to change lol. I didn't realize how hard it was until I "finished" this for the first time and realized that I didn't work at all and bricked my phone lol.

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    I know what you mean. I've changes a lot of images many times because Im a perfectionist when it comes to things I make. lol. How did you brick your phone? Do you use the Emulator in the SDK? If not, you should test your stuff on the emulator first.
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    That is exactly what I should have done. I keep forgetting to use the emulator! Thanks for reminding me!

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    No Problem. Ive been playing with the emulator a lot lately. I gotta learn how to package a theme and see how it works.
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    I used webOS Theme Builder and it helped me understand a lot of it better. That and helps you package all that stuff. Doesn't have everything, but it helps with the basics.

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    Cool. I have that but havent used it yet. I'll look into it eventually.
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    I'm working on getting this into the webOS Theme Gallery so the updates will show in Preware. Until then your best bet is to uninstall and reinstall from Prewareif you want the newest version.

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    Can I get a moderator to change the title of this thread to "[THEME] Green & Black Tech Mix"?

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    PM a Mod to change the title.
    It will get done so much faster.

    BTW very nice theme
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    Thank you!

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    I've pushed some new updates through. If you are having problems with updating this theme, just uninstall and look for it again in the feeds. I haven't had any reporting bugs or errors thus far. More updated screenshots coming shortly.

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    updated more

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    Mind sharing the image you're using as your backdrop?
    The theme looks amazing, as well. I get a Android vibe, but it's one of it's own.
    I'll have to check it out
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    I really like the color scheme of Android for the most part, but hate the logos everywhere, so there is definitely an inspiration from there. I'm working on an artsy theme now, I think it will be really unique and people will enjoy that.

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