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    So I want to change the look of the Pin Lock screen. I thought they would be in /usr/palm/applications/ In there, there are all the images you would think changes the look. Now on a side note, my Pin Lock is already changed due to, I assume, the theme I have on there. But all the images in this folder look to be the original default images. Not the one being used when I have to put in my Pin to unlock my phone. When I go to the screen and lock app and set it to have a Pin, the original look is used when I set up my pin. This is what I think the folder mentioned above is used for. So my question is, where else could the images be that are used for when I unlock my phone? Hope this isnt confusing.
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    you can't access the files by connecting your phone, you have to use webOS quickinstall
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    I know I cant access these files just through USB. I know how to get images and all, I just didn't know the right directory for these. But I finally figured it out. The PIN buttons use the same images as the phone dial buttons. Dont know why it works that way.

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