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    Installed Preware last night after installing some patches with WebOS Quick Install. When Preware opens and downloads all available items it only shows 12 themes available - and they all seem to be for the virtual keyboard. I had installed the keyboard (place holder because not available for the newest WebOS version 1.4.5?). I uninstalled the virtual keyboard and restarted the phone with no change in the number of available themes.

    Thoughts? BTW - I am totally new to smart phones and the Pre. This used Pre replaced an old Centro that I barely added any apps to.
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    Hi Livermoron, and Welcome to the P|C forums!

    Open Preware and go to the Preferences (tap or swipe down in upper left corner). You need to enable both Themes feeds in order to get them (they are defaulted to 'off' when you first install).

    That should fix it for you. Good luck!
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    That did it - Thanks! And thanks for the welcome - I am truly amazed at the wealth of stuff available for this phone!

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