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    This is my theme and I'll post news, screenshots and the changelog in this thread to summ it up.

    I would like to get your feedback!
    If you want to support me and this theme, please donate


    v0.4.8 (20.12.2010)

    new quick-launcher
    new quick-launcher wave
    more precice touch indicator

    v0.4.6 (19.12.2010)

    new volume indicator

    v0.4.5 (17.12.2010)
    first new Icons for default apps (Suave-style)
    new/transparent loading-card-scrim

    v0.4.2 (13.12.2010)
    smaller rounded corners

    v0.4 (29.11.2010)
    new App-Launcher (webOS 2.0 like)
    NOTE: You'll need the 'Advanced Configuration for AppLauncher' patch to hide QuickLaunchBar in Launcher and get the names on top!

    Because of webOS 1.4.5 isn't displaying the fade pics permanent there can be icons on top of the frame

    v0.3 (28.11.2010)
    blue phone app (webOS 2.0 like)

    v0.2 (28.11.2010)
    "just type" added (sadly not fitting correctly with cards open)
    NOTE: This has no function, it's just an image.
    If you don't like it, please comment!

    v0.1 (28.11.2010)
    new Boot-Logo

    v.0.1.0 - Initial Release (25.11.2010)
    new battery symbols
    new RSSI symbols
    QuickLauncher (webOS 2.0 like)
    webOS 2.0 Wallpaper


    from PreThemer
    (It's also available through Preware)
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    I just installed this. I changed the wallpaper, the just type thing looks cool but i'm not a big fan of the wallpaper, but i believe others would think that just having the just type would look cool. I'm indifferent about it. The dialer and the launcher is what i really enjoy. Goodjob.
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    looks good, just not a fan of Just type
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    I'm not really in the position to donate right now, it's on my list, though. Just wanted to say I really like this theme, it's great work. I deleted the Just Type wallpaper and used the original wallpaper instead, no big deal though. I really like the battery icon, launcher, and phone app...a little taste of 2.0 for all of us stuck on pre-2.0.
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    Thank you very much for your appreciation diegoeatspandas, paulius and malpha
    I am still working on this theme so stay tuned for updates.

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