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    does any one know where it is?
    i cant zip a webos doctor?
    so any help is appreciated
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    aaaaah! thank you again!
    you've been so much help i really appreciate it!!

    and one more thing do you know where the quick launch wave is located!?
    i would look for it my self but i cant find a mac zip program to open webos doctor
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    ok so I'm trying to change the background for the quick launch and the quick launch stash but every time i try and send the file through WOQI i get this error:

    "Command: put file:///usr/palm/sysmgr/image/quick_launch_bg.png
    Reply:file open filed"

    I'm I doing something wrong?
    Sorry for all the questions I'm just learning all this haha
    any help would be a appreciated!

    thanks in advance!!
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    Looks like your missing the "s" in /images/
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    And what type of Mac do you have? I've got an older one, not even an Intel and to open a zip file, of any type, all I have to do is click on it and it does it automatically.

    Before this, I had an even older iBook and still never had a problem.

    If you can't open a zip file, then you have something wrong with your Mac.
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    sorry that was just a typo on my part it did have the "s" in it.
    so what I'm I doing wrong?

    Nevermind lol
    I got it, I just had to delete the "Quick_launch_bg.png" at the end
    but thanks anyways guys
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    Hmm. What did you enter in the "Destination Folder:" field? It should be:

    Don't put the filename at the end.

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