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    my pre is stuck on theme seting what to do...
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    Need a little more information from you. How are you trying to install the theme? Are you using Preware, or webOS Quick Install? What is it that you are stuck at (what is the device doing)?
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    i am using webos....and i am stuck on them seting
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    Yes, you said that in the first post.. but not sure what you mean.

    If you can... delete the theme and go back to original to start over. Then use Preware to install your themes. It is a lot easier to install Themes with Preware than it is with the Quick Install app. If you don't have Preware installed, you can follow these directions:
    Application:Preware - WebOS Internals

    Can you stop the installation of the theme, or delete it and go back to factory settings?
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    i have preware..... with preware i have instal a them and the instalation process goes wel but i didnt get the them....and on webos wen i click the themer it will stuck on next window where it shows current them is default them and in right side it loads availble thems but stuck on that...
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    You are probably better off using Preware to install and remove themes.
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    can u solve my problem?
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    Do you have a theme currently installed, or are you at default? If you have a theme on the device, you need to delete that one first.
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    i have instaled thems ob my pre...but currently default is activaited...ok i am going to temove instaled thems
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    You can't have installed themes, plural, on your Pre and just have the default activated, that's not how it works. You can only install one at a time.
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