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    For anyone who knows theming:

    I have tons more icons for the Christmas Buuf theme and a non-Christmas version as well. But there are several icons I can't get to show up. I thought I had the correct file paths from Internalz, but I suppose I don't.

    Does anyone know the correct paths for the following icons?

    • AP Mobile
    • DirecTV
    • Facebook
    • Facebook Beta
    • Precentral News Beta (I got the non-beta to work)
    • Preware
    • Simple Bible
    • Slacker
    • webOS roundup Beta
    • zCorder

    Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Most of the time the file name for these files is simply icon.png. In each case I found that file name (or another .png file for the icon) in the folder for the app, but when loading the theme, the original icon didn't change.

    Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
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    Don't know what you are doing wrong, but the name of the icon is in the appinfo.json file of each app:
    cat appinfo.json
    	"title": "Preware",
    	"id": "org.webosinternals.preware",
    	"version": "1.4.2",
    	"icon": "icon.png",
    	"miniicon": "miniicon.png",
    	"keywords": ["app"],
    	"removable": "true",
    	"noWindow": true,
    	"noDeprecatedStyles" : true 
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    Right, but I'm looking for the actual file path. They are usually something like:


    But in the case of Facebook for instance, changing the file didn't work for some reason.
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    /icons/3rdparty/(app directory)/

    Easiest way to find them is by using internalz

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    The path I listed is completely incorrect. Please disregard it I have no clue why I did that.

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