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    I have friends with Android Phones, in my opinion WebOS blows Android out of the WATER! Although, Im not gonna lie, I'am a bit jealous of the Android pattern lock that they have. Is there any patch or anything for the Palm Pre to get this?
    P.S. Are there any MUST HAVE themes in Preware?
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    There are Android-flavored themes available to you in Preware that have the lock available. Just go to the THEMES part and scroll down and you should find a bunch under the TECH part. As far as MUST HAVE themes, I suppose it is all about preference. Are you looking to emulate another device or OS? Or do you want something far out and different? The Glass Effect themes are basic but cool, and there are tons of Android and iPhone knock-offs that are well done. I hope that helps some. If you have more questions, feel free to ask.

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    fyi; there is no lock screen for WebOS that's like Android's puzzle-based lock.

    The webos locks are all going to be Pin/Password based.

    And as far as I've seen, nobody has been able to work around this.
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    aramova is right, it can't currently be done on WebOS, many have asked for this same thing.
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