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    Is it through a theme or patch or something?

    I took this picture off a patch from Preware-

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    I use the glass effects suite (alternate) theme. It changed my dialpad and has many other nice features.
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    Just look in the Themes forum (where this thread was moved) and you will find many Themes for this change.

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    You could also change it in webOS Quick Install.
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    quickinstall's teak makes this easy and doesn't force you to use a theme. That's what I do because that green looks silly.
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    Sorry for putting in the wrong section!

    I see the tweak section in Quick Install- didnt even know that existed! I'll definately take a look at it, thanks 4 the input
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    I am in tweeks and dont see where there is an easy tweek. I see change the dialer color bt then you click on it and you have to have pics installed.
    Am i missing something?
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    Check out this thread, there are many custom made dialer skins here, or with a little effort, you'll be able to figure out how to make your own. Download the files you like and then install them using the WOSQI Tweaks section.

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