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    I had a theme months and months ago that made the cards have the glass look, the device menu, launcher, etc etc...but I cannot find it again for the life of me! Can anybody point me in the direction of it please? I just want the main things on the phone to have the glass look. I don't want different icons or anything! Thanks in advance.

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    It is called Glass Effect Suite 3D Theme by Garrett92c. There are currently different colors that he has created that are really cool. Currently I am using the Dark Blue. You can find it in Preware under themes. or you can launch Preware and type in Glass and hit enter and all of the different Glass themes will come up.
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    dark blue is the best !
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    If you had it 3 or 4 mos ago then it was by SycArc, But the others here are right the ones by Garrett have far surpassed the ones by SycArc.

    Here isw SycArc's:

    Glass Effect Suite Palm Pre Theme @ PreThemer

    Here is Garretts:
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    If you had it 3 or 4 mos ago then it was by SycArc,
    Thanks for mentioning that. SqyArc (now known as errade) was the original creator of the Glass Effect Suite theme that inspired me to make my own.
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