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    Hey everyone! So I'm trying to install a theme on my Palm Pre Plus. The problem is, my computer doesn't seem to recognize the phone through the WebOS quick install program. It says "Please connect your device and hit ok." My computer does recognize that the phone is connected in the usb mode, but the installer won't? Help please!

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    do you have developer mode turned on? if no, goto your home screen and simply type "webos20090606" (without the quotations of course), turn on dev mode and wait for it to restart. then after it gets going again, plug your phone into the computer and tap on "just charge". Quick install should see it now.
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    ...also remember to intall and uninstall themes using preware. Ps. Make sure prethemer is turn on in preware. Go to manage feeds, and turn prethemer on if its off. :-)
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    Still didn't work, I hit just charge, and it still asked me to plug in my device.
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    You're missing something.. did you follow forum member kriscardwell advice? If so, then go back to webosQI, and install novacomd. Click on File in WebosQI tab, and then click on options, and then attempt to reinstall Novacom.

    Best regards. :-D
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    Before you reboot your computer, remove the USB cable from your Pre.
    After your computer restarts you can plug your Palm's USB cable in.
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