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    I really want to change some of the icons (as described in the 'tip' the other day) but I have a couple of questions?

    1) If I want to make custom icons for some apps what size do they need to be?
    2) Is there any way of changing the icon of a web page in the launcher? - For example I have the BBC mobile site saved in my launcher and would like to change the icon to the BBC logo but I'm not sure this is possible or where I would find the original icon .png file to swap it over.

    Any help would be really good.

    Thank you
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    bump for info
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    can you open one in a paint ptogram and see what the resolution is? In fact, I think windows will have that info in the file properties.
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    if you goto Palm Pre Themes, Wallpapers and Boot Screens @ PreThemer you can design a theme image by image, and the sizes of each png will be listed next to the image name.... and after you've finished it's automatically uploaded to preware

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