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    Good day everyone. Well after reading the post of customizing the app icons easily, I'd figured it be time to post up an icon only thread for people to cherry pick what icons they wanna use For Info on how to customize your icon, here is the nice Precentral article that helps lay it all out for you.

    Precentral: How to customize app icons

    Hope this helps everyone making their Pre unique Now I might have a little hobby to get back into
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    Welp sadly work and life doesn't give me much time like I used to have (darn adult responsibilities ) Here is an incomplete set of icons for some apps, I included the template for Adobe photoshop users who has the time and would like to work on it some more. This was from an iPod touch icon template but forgot what name it was based off of (its pretty old >.<) anyway, I was going to name this BloodGlass.
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