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    There are only 13 themes showing in preware after the webOS 1.4.5 Update from Verizon. The themes seem to be the Virtual Keyboard themes only. All of the Palm Pre Themes, Wallpapers and Boot Screens @ PreThemer themes are missing.
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    I'm showing 1,831 themes available. Do you have all the feeds selected?
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    Go into Manage Feeds and turn on the feed for Prethemer and PreCentral themes, then tap update.
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    wow, I felt dumb, Cus I had the same 13, That`s exactly what I had to do, thankful for people loke you, But do remeber there are people that arn`t good at this stuff and next time be more precise on where to go, luckly I checked the phone on preware app but I almost went back on computer, But thanks bro!!!!!!!
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    Thank you sooooo much. You solved my only problem. Thank you!!!!!
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    Okay, for future people with the same issue:

    Launch Preware, tap the upper left corner and select manage feeds.

    Scroll down and turn on the PreThemer and PreCentral feeds.

    Swipe back and update feeds when prompted.
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    Thanks, felt like an *****!

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