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    Well I've seen alot of threads around asking about the WebOS Quick Installer and the "Load Theme" button for all of us who want to create themes and share. MADOLEN your a beast, I appreciate all the help and info your themes are sick and next college check you are getting some kind of donation but here's my trouble. I created the theme using Jason R.'s system, the theme is created and sitting there waiting for launch. But still no button on WebOS Installer I DON'T UNDESTAND. Where is this button, I have version 3.14 of WebOS Quick Installer and can't load my created theme onto it to install...... Once I have this takin care of i"ll do orders for themes also but it is perplexing me...
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    Ok I know I'm posting to my own thread but if anyone knows, when you are developing themes Emulator it the way to go...... Go to the pre site....

    SDK Download - Palm Developer Center

    READ THE DIRECTIONS as you go it's very easy. It works with the Emulator choice on WebOS Quick Installer. Go under File....Options .......and a dialog box pops up. At the top is Devise To Use.... It will say Emulator on top and USB Device on bottom, Pick Emulator and close the box out. Go into the Palm WebOS SDK file that downloaded where your downloads are set to go. Mine went to the desktop. Start the Emulator, and after a few load minutes you will see a completely default palm on your desktop load apps, themes, whatever your heart may desire without fear of hurting your OS on the pre itself.
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    After you start the file with the Emulator in it it will give the option of the PRE or the PIXI if you look close you see which one to choose. If anyone has questions feel free to ask, if I don't know I'll sure send you in the right direction. NO BS here. New to mobile programming but not to Programming.
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