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    Download WebOSQuickInstall 2.96 below

    Put WebOSQI 2.9.6 in a new folder and download the doctor from here ( the folder you just made.

    Go to tools
    revert back to default.
    Reboot and the theme will still be installed.
    Start up preware app.
    Go to themes.
    Reinstalled the theme that would not un-install.
    Luna restart.
    Now you can un-install your theme.

    Install new theme if you wish.

    Now this worked for me.
    I hope this helps you.
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    I tried that in webosqi 3.14 and it thinks I have the default...button grayed out
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    use 2.96 only . Please read and do as noted above
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    This totally works. I was trying to get mine to default from preware, but it would never remove a few parts of the old theme when. This method worked though.
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    when i try to dl doctor i get an error :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by gloomymuffin View Post
    when i try to dl doctor i get an error :/
    Go here and get your doctor k
    Webos Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals
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