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    how do I get my default theme bak I intalled a theme through quick install then installed another theme from preware wit out deleting the first theme & I delete both themes but got stuck wit some icons & backgrounds from the first theme I installed is there any way to remove them or a way to get the default theme bak
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    you are not suppose to put 2 themes in at once. You must uninstall one before using another,should read a bit before you use them. That being said,u may have to doctor yr phone. First try the repair utility.
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    If you are still stuck with pieces of the first them, before you doctor your phone, you may want to try reinstalling it and then doing another uninstall. This has worked for quite a few people on the boards.

    In the future, remember ALWAYS remove one theme, before installing a new one.

    And just a comment, I am always amazed when people take a pricey electronic, read something about it and think "Oh hey, I can do that!" and never bother to read the details, warnings and instructions.

    Seriously, would you open up your refrigerator and make modifications if you didn't know what you were doing?
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    im in a predicament like that myself actually...
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    Quote Originally Posted by 504_kid View Post
    im in a predicament like that myself actually...
    Okay, here are your options:

    1) Try to reinstall and uninstall the theme. This may not work, but has been successful for some.

    2) Try using the Emergency Patch Repair from Preware. Update your saved packages list, first, then run this and let it remove EVERYTHING! If you have a lot of patches installed, it may take awhile, so just let it do its work. When it's done, reboot and then go into Preware and reinstall everything.

    3) Try the WebOS repair utility. There are plenty of posts about it, it's a program you download to your computer, hook up your Pre and run it. It will compare the files in your phone to the original stock ones and alert you to any problems or corrupt files. You then have the option to let it replace them to get rid of the errors.

    4) Run the Doctor, go back to stock and start over! Before you do, update your Preware saved packages list, also make sure you have the Save&Restore Utility and the Pre Backup Utility, both from Preware. They make it much easier to almost completely recover everything in your phone, without hassles!
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    Glad I found this, I had two installed at once as well, lol, my bad! Numbers 2 and 3 together worked perfectly! Good to know!
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    Does Running The Repair Utility delete any of my stuff like pics or apps
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    Quote Originally Posted by verwon View Post
    Seriously, would you open up your refrigerator and make modifications if you didn't know what you were doing?

    Yep, sure would and have.

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