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    Here are a couple of religious boot logos I thought would be cool for your phones.

    Added cross-glow 2 for a brighter glow if needed. I know the images aren't perfect. but on the pre the flaws are hardly noticeable. Give them a try!

    Didn't know which forum to place these at. If its the wrong one please move, Thanks.


    Instructions for the NOOBS (Thanks to HelloNNNewman, This was copied from his post)

    NOTE: You do not need to rename your image files as the WOSQI tool will do this automatically for you when it loads the images you select. (If you do not use QI and want to drag and drop your files, only then will you have to name them "palm-logo.png" and "palm-logo-bright.png".

    1. Open up WOSQI tool, and go to Tools>Tweaks>Styling Mods.
    2. Select "Change Boot Logo"
    3. Select first "Boot Logo" image you want to load
    4. Select second "Boot Logo with Glow" image you want as the 'glowing' image
    5. Press "Set Boot Image"
    6. Restart Luna to see the new boot screen

    Note: You can change your boot screen images by unchecking the "Change Boot Image" box and then re-checking it again - at which time it will ask you for the new images to set.
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    Also for the Muslims in time for Ramadan.
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    Thanks, I knew it wasn't a patch or app so I was confused on where to place it.
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    Updated the Crosses.

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