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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightburn View Post
    I definitely liked the old menus better. If it's okay with errade I could post a version to prethemer that has the old style darker menu.
    You are very welcome to do this

    Quote Originally Posted by foosball View Post
    I believe that errade previously posted the zip file for the old style theme back when that thread was open. My question is, will that theme work with the 1.4.5 update or is it going to be problematic?
    That old version was not updated to be compatible with 1.4.5 - the directory structure has changed since 1.4.1. Your best bet is to manually replace files (as discussed above), or wait to see if Nightburn will kindly upload a custom version
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    I prefer the old version as well. Maybe you should take a poll Errade. I think the majority would like the old version. After all it's become one of the most popular themes around, thanks to your excellent work.
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    I love the old theme. This is the best theme but the old look was cooler. Hopefully Nightburn will post it for us....thanks in advance!!
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    Thanks for the feedback guys, I hear what you're saying. I'm making an alternate version so that people can choose which style they'd like.

    I have now submitted "Glass Effect Suite Alternate" to Preware under the Prethemer feed. This Alternate version has the old style drop-down menus and is 1.4.5 compatible. It should be available later today.

    Remember to remove your current theme before attempting to install the new one!


    Edit: Both versions now live and available from Preware
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    Thanks for all of your work, and for listening to the crowd Errade. I thought when I someone suggest what they thought you should do, I thought to my self, why don't you do it.....but here you are, doing it for all of us to enjoy.


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    The original thread is now re-opened so please continue all further discussion over there - thanks
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    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!
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