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    I downloaded the pokemon theme and when i went to remove it to install a new one, it removed everything execpt for the colored top bar. Basically it stays yellow, even if I download a theme with it's own top bar color, the yellow stays. How do i get rid of it without doctoring it? I have tried rebooting, deleteing Preware, reinstalling preware, and reinstalling and uninstalling the pokemon theme. Nothing seems to work.
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    Your description sounds like the problem in this thread. Start at the bottom to see what worked for this user... not all the suggestions (including mine) worked...
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    it happened to me before. i ended up just doctoring my pre. it fixed the problem but it was a lot of work reinstalling everything.
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    Thank you! I read through that and I fixed it without having to doctor it!
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    i had to dr mine...

    NOT "HP webOS"!!!
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    I fixed one with WebOS Repair Utility. For me it was several icons staying as they were with the theme. Was far easier than a trip the the dr. The main background for the theme did stay on my phone but only as a pic. I deleted it and all was back to normal.

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