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    I'm having major issues with my Pre...any help will be much appreciated. Basically this is the 3rd (2nd replacement) and the 4th is on the way. I've been using Preware and have never had any issues prior to this phone. I like swapping my theme when I get bored with it and have installed and uninstalled with great success over the last 2 years. Now, this Pre which is being replaced needs to be set back to factory defaults before they get it but one of the themes I tested and didn't like (theme #1) will not go away. It was uninstalled and another (#2 theme) installed in its place. No problems, worked great. After changing to yet another theme (#3), the icons and launcher (from the 1st theme) is back combined with the most recent and like a virus. I've uninstalled everything and then did a full erase (to get the phone ready for return) and its still there. Please help!
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    OS Doctor is needed. You can also try secure erase...
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    Trying secure erase now. Unfortunately, the problem with this phone is it gets stuck on perpetual roam so OS Doc will be a little harder to accomplish. Thank for the advise.
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    Update: The secure erase seems to have fixed the perpetual roaming but not the lingering theme. OSRepairUtility restored all factory settings and removed the modified data. Its back to normal Hope anyone with the same problems can use this info. Thx again!
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    2 yrs?

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