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    I am in a Soup with Themes.

    I think This happened after I tried to/upgraded from Suave_for_Palm_Pre_1.5.5 to Suave_for_Palm_Pre_1.5.8 using WOSQI.
    Or Upgrade to 1.4.5

    I have tried Preware as well .. nogo.. Installing different themes.. nogo

    I the above situation is there any way to restore Normality other than Doctoring the phone.

    From what I understand of the Error.. it looks like modifying the file/folder should resolve the issue.. I m on Default Theme.. Hence Dumping Theme files/folders from The extracted WebOSDoctor jar file might help...

    I am comfortable with Command lines and complicated Tweaking.

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    Anyone ?
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    Damm I miss Suave for the Palm Pre Quie a Bit..

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