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    so i bought a slightly used palm pre off or craigslist, and ive had it for about 24 hours. i catch on to things very quickly, so i naturally started to mess with it. got WOSQI and messeed around with that, but this isnt where the problem occurs. so i got preware off of the WOSQI and i was customizing stuff. and i got a % battery thing and like 2 other status bar mods. the status bar is now white. so is the wifi & EVDO bars. in my panic i erased all the mods i had made (besides 5x5, messaging stuff, etc) i dont know if i need to do something in preware, or do i need to reset my phone?

    please help!!
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    so you dont know any thing about it? if i take it out of dev mode will it revert back?
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    never mind. ran ERP and it fixed it.


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