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    about a year or 2 ago i created some summerboard themes for my iphone... and i was wondering how hard would it be to get these changed over for my palm...
    here is some screen shots

    The Early Nineties:

    The Early Nineties Neon

    Travels in Dreamland

    Auto Expressions

    Grady’s Galaxy

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    If you have all the .png files, just download webOS theme builder!most of what you need is in theme assistant...either that, or do it all via

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    love the 1st 3 themes are u gonna convert them into palm pixi themes??
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    Travels in Dreamland is SUPER cool!
  5. #5 you can upload what ever theme you want. If you have all the png images just upload them one at a time using prethemer. It's not that hard.

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