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    Quote Originally Posted by bluewanders View Post
    I use pronto dialer on my launch bar instead of the native phone app... I already figured out how to replace the pronto icon with the one you used for for the native phone.

    Thanks for the theme... love it.
    ohh alright. If you give me the file path for the apps you want me to chage I'll do it. And I'm glad you like it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mamouton View Post
    jordan what patch do you have that puts the oval around your clock and give the glowing effect to your battery?
    im sorry i kinda late -_- the battery glow its part of my theme thats how i made the battery. the oval around the time i did that its part of the top bar i made i have a patch that changes the top bar. you want the image?
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    Any chance we could get a flash for the wifi/signal/vibrate/battery/percentage icons for use with other themes?

    Love the look!

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    nice theme! can't wait to test it out!
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