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    I need help... I can't seem to get a theme to upload to my pre plus... I have tried every option that has been giving out from the treads... I have QI,& preware... I have tried both.. I get errors on both... on preware the error I get is -1 Unable to run command: IPKG_OFFLINE_ROOT=/media/cryptofs/apps/bin/sh/media/cryptofs/apps/usr/lib/ipkg/info/com.prethemer.themes.cdad844d65.postinst 2>&1
    mkdir:cannot create directory ' /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/lib/webos-quick-install':File existscat:can't open '/media/internal/prethemer.txt': No such file or directory sh: 1: unknown operand
    There is already a theme installed.Remove any installed themes beforecontinuing
    Removing package com.prethemer.themes.cdad844d65 from root...

    Then when I try QI I get error
    Unable to connect to url

    I am running palm webos
    verizon 1.3
    QI 3.14
    I installed glass effect suite : removed
    an installed an removed : Original blue theme ver:2.4.1
    ty NiGHTS0223
    Org. blue theme I can install over an remove an reinstall... I can install any theme on Precentral Themes
    but anyother Theme from any other source is a no go... nothing but errors... I've tried uninstall & reinstall on preware an uploaded diffstat an gnu patch... Can someone please help???
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    In WebOS Quick Install, there's a Revert to Default option in the Tools|Themer section, have you tried that?
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    yes an it goes back to the pre theme...
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    I revert to default, pre goes back to org. theme ... then if I try to put any other theme on the pre. other then Pre Central themes... I get nothing but errors... What I find funny is it will let me use those themes but none of the others that are on preware... lol

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