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    I complained to them on their forums, and to their twitter account because their feeds and site was failing..... and they banned me, lol. At least they fixed the site, lol. They hate their customers!

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    That will happen when you publicly complain about administration. I'm sure you wouldn't have been banned and any issues resolved if you had just PM'd them and talked. That's the best route to go no matter what website you on.
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    Very true, and you are right, their website has been laden with issues since day one of me seeing it. The "phone dialer" images never showed up that anyone posted ever. Then the other day i noticed everything but one item was broken on every theme. It's not that it happened (the phone dialer not showing), it's how long it went on like that, that was the main factor in me thinking less of them this entire time.
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    That's really weird... I use their site all the time (downloading and posting) and haven't ever had an issue. Not sure why you are experiencing these problems. <<scratches head>>
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    +1 here many bugs with the site its down tonight i cant even get to it (connection reset by server) error love the site and all the hard work but it has many probs last couple months
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    I have also had various issues with the prethemer site, but I run a few non profit sites for people and let me tell you that is a full time job. Since the site I am sure is not really funded then who ever is running it must have to work a real job to pay the bills. With that knowledge a few bugs every now and then don't bother me.

    Thank you to everyone who runs both this site and others that support WebOS. I appreciate the hard work.
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    The past two weeks or more in Preware I cannot view any images for the Themes in their feed, their site is a hit and miss for when the images load for.
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    ok so there is something wrong with the feeds from there site today Is that what I am to assume sense I just opened preware and it showed me 92 themes and when I went under instaled packages the theme I have on my pre was not showing? Or is this another issue all together? I hope not I don't want to have to doctor my phone again.
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    nevermind all good now I was worried

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