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    what's the best theme ever don't use em much just wondering?
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    The only theme I've ever used was the Original Blue theme. I kept it on my Pre for a few days then switched to patches for my customization needs.

    It was a great looking theme though!
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    I am digging on the Suave Test theme that is in Preware from Prethemer.
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    My favorite is Asia, but that doesn't mean it's the best one...just the best one for me. I think best might be fairly subjective.
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    original blue theme, mac os x leopard
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    Agreed the suave theme is gorgeous and full featured unlike some that look nice in some areas but need work in others.
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    check my themes out all of them are clean, I don't over do things like most themers do.
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    Only theme I have ever had is Original Blue, its gorgeous, and the most complete one I have seen and I just LOVE IT
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    original blue theme was dominating my phone until the glass suit theme. I tried getting the developers together, but no go so far. If someone knows how to install both...please tell.
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    ive liked the black theme, simple but thats all i need
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    If you like black, then Blackout Grunge is great.
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    I've had Original Blue, Black, and the original UGLY GREEN. I prefer a mixture of the Blue and Black (black and blue?).
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    the newiest ironman theme is pretty cool,if you like that stuff.
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    Glass Suite theme is slick and its like it was made to order for the whole Pre/webOS look.
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    Glass Effect Suite for sure!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bwarner52 View Post
    what's the best theme ever don't use em much just wondering?
    I think that is a matter of opinion
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    The latest version of 'A Mixture of Themes' in red and black is pretty spiffy. Great icons, lots of matching. I've had this one for a LONG time.
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    I'm really enjoying the Glass Effect suite. Looks a lot slicker, I'm hoping this kind of look is adopted by Palm itself in a future version of WebOS. That ugly opaque grey is just boring.

    I seem to remember there being a way to "gloss up" the device menu at the top of the screen as well, but couldn't find it in the feeds. Did I just imagine that?
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    The Glass Effect suite was the first theme that made me wanna theme my Pre. It's awesome.
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    Original great!
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