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    when i click themer in the web os thing i downloaded it doesnt say load themes.... what do i do?
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    you should get themes from Preware instead. the themer in WOSQI doesn't always work.

    When you first open Preware, go into feed management and turn on the theme feeds. They default to off because they take a while to load, and most people don't change themes once they have a theme they like.
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    how do i get it from preware? lol im sorry
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    nevermind i got it tank you
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    you know there is something cool in the app catalog. Look for an app called "I love homebrew". It's a free app and it has links to the threads you will want to read to get started.

    For example, this is one of the links you will find:

    Also, you can go to the them section on Precentral and manually download a theme, and install it in WOSQI, but once you have Preware running, that's the most convenient...

    And definitely get the Uberkernel/Govna overclocking stuff. It takes performance of your Pre to a whole new level!

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