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    Has anyone thought or made a theme for Star Trek based on the screens in the show? There are desktop themes by or called Ecars but I haven't seen one for WebOS.
    I do not have the skills to make one or I would.
    Are these under copyright or something? Just seems like an overly obvious choice for a theme but is missing?
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    You should have made your thread title "Theme request: Star Trek" or something similar. Naming it 'curious' won't attract the right kind of attention. :-)

    Themes don't infringe copyrights unless you try to profit off of them.

    A star trek theme would look pretty cool if they were done in the same style as the computers in the show ;-)
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    <<title modified>>

    You can find 2 or 3 Star Trek themes available on the PreThemer website. Do a Search using the word "trek" and you will see them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    <<title modified>>

    You can find 2 or 3 Star Trek themes available on the PreThemer website. Do a Search using the word "trek" and you will see them.
    Thanks for the title change!!!

    Yes I've seen them but I hate to say this as they worked hard I'm sure, but they are sadly lacking in my view.
    A true Star Trek Computer Panel theme would make the Pre/Plus outstanding looking.

    Just logos do not.

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    LOL.. I understand!

    If you read this post you will see how to use the ThemeBuilder app to create a theme. If you can find the pictures you want to use as Icons and such... the app will walk you through everything. You could download one of the Trek themes, and simply replace the icons you want to change with those you like better.
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    Very cool.
    If I get enough time someday I might give this a go.
    I can multitask fairly well but searching the web and building a theme might be pushing things while I'm working. LOL
    Thanks again.

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    Anyone willing to try and make one along these lines?
    If hey can port it to Windows and MACs it's gotta be portable to WebOS as a launcher like Z-Launcher was for PalmOS (Miss that app) or at least a damn awesome theme.

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    +1?????? Please?

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    I'm the only one who can't make themes who would like this theme? I can't be. I don't believe it. I know there are other Trekkies out there!

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  10. #10's pretty neat. However, I think i won't be able to show off my phone to my female friends. lol
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    +1 on this. There are LCARS themes out there already, but they really don't get the ST look to them. Too many colors or poorly done icons. I would almost say the best effect would be to use the list view launcher patch, and build the LCARS interface around the list.
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    I'd have to +1 this as well.
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    At the risk of reviving an old thread, I am here to say that I am both a trekkie and a techie. I already have two phone themes [see sig] and am working on others. Before I make an LCARS theme, I am porting my future theme to the T'pad since I have one and I love the look of that theme.

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    +1 on this whole thread. I've been binge-posting about Trek stuff for about a half hour, so I have to stop, but I agree with all that's been said. The efforts up to this point have been kind of half-hearted, with one or two exceptions. A fully skinned-up webOS would look amazing.

    Suggestion for the real Trek nerds: the 23rd-century LCARS look (from Star Trek 6 & the Ent-B in Generations) lends itself more to webOS than the TNG version, IMO. The buttons tend more toward square than rectangular, and the cooler color scheme is much easier on the eyes.

    See attached image for this style of LCARS running on a Nokia N810.

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