I'm currently working on a theme that changes ALL of the blue items in webOS to purple. Everything from the meta-move icon (the symbol that comes up in a text field when you're moving the cursor) to the loading page spinning icon in the browser to the pressed buttons on the phone, etc. Basically anything that is blue in webOS! I'm going through every image file using Internalz and if it has blue in it, I'm changing it to some shade of purple. I'm a purple freak and I've changed a few things to test it out and it really looks cool, especially with some black backgrounds I'm putting in it. I've been working on it for 2 weeks and still haven't finished it...lol.

does anyone know what the .png file is for the SYMBOL and CAPS indicator (the blue circle and arrow that comes up below the cursor to type a symbol or caps letter)? I'm hoping to have this completed sometime this week. I'll update this post when it's complete. I'll also give credit and thanks to anyone that provides the info I need.

thanks in advance!