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    Just my two cents. I have been impressed over the months with every update that has been added to this theme. I love it and find it's the one I keep coming back to. This is just a suggestion of something I would like to see.
    The only thing I didn't like in a update was when the blue and pink/purple colors were added to the launchbar button. Not against them, just not my favorite. Could you maybe create a suave alternate theme that either goes back to just the plain black launch button, or I'm okay with the color being on their just something a little less "girly". Sorry that's the only way I know to describe it. Maybe even keep the bluish-teal one and change the pink/purple colored one to a more toned down color. I'm also though for just a plain button. Other than that I absolutely love this theme!
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    I liked the old boot logo better. =/
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    This is the best and most complete theme I have ever seen! I have been trying other ones recently, but I always reinstall Suave because it is so much nicer. It is nice to see changes being made to this one again.
    The new boot logo may take a bit getting used to, but I like the loading bar this time. That part was well done.
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    Great to see the new update
    Like the new Boot Logo.
    Though my Favorite still remains the Original Red one.
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    Thank you very much! Sorry I've been MIA for quite some time... I don't really have time for much of anything anymore... Haha. But keep leaving me suggestions if you still want. Again, I don't have a Pre anymore. I have a Samsung Epic. I'm actually using my friend's Pre at the moment. Just seeing what I missed. Haha.
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    I really do love this theme.
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    Hey i absolutely love your theme, but i tend to go through phases with my themes and currently i am just using the standard palm theme. This being said, i miss the color and look of your messaging app. Is there anyway that you could upload a .ipk theme of just the messaging app. (with the standard icon though but themed chat bubbles and stuff).
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