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    Helppppp!!!!.... I know there has to be an easy way to do this..I just want to change the dialpad number color to red, instead of white
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    not a super easy way, but not impossible. You will have edit (paint) te files for the numbers after you access them on the phone. You will have to root yr phone. I will post instructions when I get to the office.

    alright--npad. I'm at the office.
    One wasy way would be to find a red theme, and that might be the easiest way. If you just want to make the numbers on your dialpad red, you will have to paint the files yourself using photoshop or other program. I attached the zipped files.
    1) Paint them red
    2) Get them into the phone. You can do this 2 ways: using webosqi, or if you rooted your pre (the easier way).
    3) You will have to copy the painted files to the /usr/palm/applications/ directory in the actual phone. Do that using one of the methods mentioned in step 2.
    4) Reboot your phone and you should see red numbers on your dialpad. This will only change them on the initial phone screen, and not the keypad while you are on a call (I think).

    good luck
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    this only changes the text color in the dialpad.css file.
    hope this helps
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    could someone test this for me.
    if you get an error please let me know
    what patch you have installed for the phone app.

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