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    Ok, I did an update on my phone yesterday and now parts of my theme are gone?? Not all of it, but like my launcher is back to my original theme, just little odds and ends.
    Do I have to re install the theme to get everything back???

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    Sorry, I don't mean to be rude but virtually every single instruction guide states clearly that you should never do an update with a theme installed. It's really important to read around the topic and heed the warnings given before modifying your phone.

    Because of the way that themes work it might be that it's impossible to reinstall this theme - it might also be impossible to restore your phone to the default theme without wiping your phone. I don't mean to be an *****, but that's just the way it is.
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    if you mean updating yr os,then you were suppose to uninstall yr theme first. If that's the case,u may need to doctor yr phone.
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    you may want to try webos repair utility first. My daughter had parts of a theme stuck and I ran this for her and it fixed the issue.

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