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    Dear All,

    I had to take my beloved Pre to the doctor yesterday and now can't find the theme I had on it that I really liked ! Signs of senility seem to be creeping in as I can't remember what it's called. I have looked through the PreCentral and PreThemer collections and can't seem to find it.

    I can rememeber it had;

    1) A silver bar under the QuickLaunch Icons which, I think, were shadowed, that made them look 3d (not unlike on a Mac)

    2) The email notification icon looked like a blue stamp, with curly edges and everything !

    3) It was predominantly blue.

    Can anyone recognise the name and location of this theme from my rather vague description ?

    Many thanks for any and all help.
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    No it's not that one, but that has made me remeber that the icons looked veyr much the same as the originals ones, although possibly with a dropped shadow. I remember the phone icon went blue !

    Thanks for trying. Much appreciated.

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