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    As the title says, there are theme leftovers in the topbar after uninstalling a recent theme.

    Top left corner (Verizon Wireless / Launcher / Messenging / etc), Date and time, and the battery percentage. All are still the color of the uninstalled theme, instead of the default white.

    I've tried reinstalling/uninstalling the theme, via both WOSQI and Preware, removing/replacing the battery, rebooting the phone, etc.

    Even trying to install a new theme isn't correcting the problem. Trying to install "Original Red", but the above-mentioned items remain green from the previous theme.

    Any thoughts?
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    You will need to Tools>Device Management in WebOS Quick Install and remove any patches that other themes may have applied. Once those are gone, you should be able to install any new themes without trouble.
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    Awesome theme, btw.

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