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    So I started off by removing my theme I had been using through Preware since themes were disabled on WebOS last I looked. I decided to try and update today and saw it had changed. First problem I ran into was after selecting the theme option on WebOS it would delay a few seconds and say "Error reading package list". My connection is great so I figured the servers were down or something so I just redownloaded the Buuf theme. I went to manually add it and realized the option wasn't there anymore so I just stayed on the main screen, hit the + and selected the file and installed. Went perfectly ect but the messaging still didn't look like it was supposed to and I realized u have to use the scrim messaging thing. So before I patched that I wanted to revert the theme back so I don't mess anything up and see if installing it after the scrim patch if it'd work properly. When I went to the themer to revert it back it is still showing that I am on the default theme. I let it restart the Pre and everything after the theme was installed so i'm not too sure whats going on at this point.

    If anyone has some suggestion or input i'd appreciate it. Thanks!
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    im having the same problem, its saying my theme is default when its not, and if i uninstal it using the devise management you have little **** left over from the theme like random colored words at the top
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    Yup having same probelm, whats bothering me even more, is that little to nothing at all has be done to solve it.

    I've been reading and this has been going on for awhile... I just got the phone yesterday I'm upset...
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    I heard that the info in this old thread still applies to now 1.4.1

    EDIT: Wrong URL the first time sorry
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    You can also revert back to default by installing this default theme .ipk through quick install
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    I have had that problem as well, tried everything from full erase to running EPR, only got rid of my theme when I did a WebOS doctor recovery.. HAHA well now it is gone and I am forever traumatized on installing themes. Will stick to the original for a whiel..
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    You can also revert back to default by installing this default theme .ipk through quick install
    This did not work for me .. I still have the Harley Davidson (orange) theme on my device which i cannot get rid of using any methods i could find on this site

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