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    Hi. I made the bone-headed mistake of changing themes without uninstalling first. (Superhereos ---> Orangish).

    I noticed that there were Superhero icons lingering in the Orangish theme so I went to the Quickinstall and reverted to the default. That worked for everything except the App Cat icon, Amazon icon, Doc view icon and PDF icon. Those are still superhero theme icons.

    Any advice on changing these? It bugs me to no end to have a mismatched theme.

    Edit: It would be great if there was a way to replace individual icons.
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    You could probably use Jason's webOS Repair Utility using the override function.
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    Open up the WebOSDoctor.jar with WinRAR. Extract the largest file inside, then repeat until you get to the archive with what looks like the Pre's filesystem in it (usr, media, car, etc dirs).

    Find the icons you need to replace in the /usr/palm/applications/<appname>/ directories. They will be called icon.png and in the root die for each app. Use WOSQI to send them to the correct placed on your phone.

    There are other methods, but that is the quickest imo.

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