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    First of all, great theme, it is very well done.

    1. When are you going to post the 'full' version?

    2. I know you probably have list of apps you want to get to, but if could include tweed, it would be much appreciated.
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    1. I can post the full version right now as a .zip file, but that only helps people with WOSQI 2.96, because as far as I know that is the only way to get a theme in .zip format to install. The only reason I haven't uploaded it is because it is 13MB and PreCentral's limit is 10MB, so I eliminated most of the 3rd-party app skins to get it to slide just under the limit. I left in Facebook Beta and Preware because I feel those are the most used 3rd-party applications.

    From what I understand, Jason Robitaille's next version of Theme Builder is going to include a way to build an .ipk file, so I was basically waiting for that feature to release the full version, so everyone who wants to can use it. If you don't want to wait, I can post the full version as a .zip file for now.

    2. I don't have a list of apps to get to, I usually just do them as I install them on my phone and decide that I like them enough to keep them there. I am absolutely open to requests, though. I will consider this a request and aim to have it skinned by the time the full version is released.

    Thanks for the feedback. :-)

    Just for reference, these are the fully skinned 3rd-party applications in the full version:
    - AmpacheMobile
    - Boxee Remote
    - Grooveshark
    - Music Player (remix)
    - CPUScaler Ultimate
    - WeatherDashboard (paid version)
    - G-Dial Pro
    - Twee
    - RadioTime
    - SmartRunner
    - Launchpoints
    - Preware
    - Facebook Beta
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    Quote Originally Posted by tobias funke View Post
    Direct Download:

    I'm very puzzled by the 'theme probably installed' thing. It seems to only happen to some people, which is what led me to believe it was the patch (which is insterted by Theme Builder if you change the opacity slider). I had hoped removing it would solve any issues. :-/
    Yeah it happened to me before and after the update of, So I took other people's advice on here and installed the .IPK through WebOS quick install and it installed just fine that way. Go figure, I wonder if it has to do with only the verizon pre+ cells.
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    Update: I'm working on a new release of Grayscale 3D Bevels. This will be base version 3.

    I have decided to separate the 3rd-party application skins from the GS3DBv3 theme, to keep it as small as possible. Each 3rd-party application skin will be offered as a separate .zip file for those who want to extend the theme. This will also make it easier to re-apply skins to applications after updates.

    A screenshot of the launcher (this one was created for 4x4v5 icon patch, the plan is to have a version for each)

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    Just Updated My Theme, GREAT JOB! I Love The Work You Are Doing!
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    New to all of this. How do I install this? Download it to my desktop, then plug my pre into my laptop and then what?
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    I have just released v3.1.1, which fixes a big mistake I made in which I used Palm Default image files in the frameworks directory instead of the theme files. I also tweaked the app launcher scrim to reach the bottom of the screen.

    I have also finally created the initial 3rd-Party Application Theme Repository for Grayscale 3D Bevels. Right now it is simply a web directory containing zip files for each 3rd-party application I have skinned. Some apps are just launcher icons, but many have been skinned completely throughout the app to match the overall GS3DBv3 look. The first zip file in the directory is the entire folder of application themes consolidated.

    The easiest way to install these themes is to copy them to your USB drive, then use the Internalz app to copy them to /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications, which is where 3rd party applications are stored. Remember to choose "yes" when asked to overwrite files. These individual themes can easily be removed by removing and then re-installing the application you would like to return to default.

    As usual, send any requests, comments or problems to me in a PM, or post here in this thread.
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