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    Anyone have any luck batch adding this directory to PreThemer?

    I've tried uploading it in Theme Builder zips both with the initial theme, and afterwards, and both ways show all the files in the "Files" tab, but none of them apply to the patch during install, nor do they come with the patch when it is downloaded.

    Does anyone know of a way to get this into PreThemer without adding each image individually to the files section? There are ~400 files and if I have to do it that way I will probably not have time to release this directory with my theme.
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    I've had success with some of the images in the directory, actually only 1. I themed the mail send icon in my BSG theme. I had to upload the file individually on the files tab to get it to work.

    I've never got a theme I have uploaded via zip and wanted to edit to take any files other than the icons for the stock apps.
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    It will show them in the batch area, but if you look at the IPK file, the directory is created, but no images are in it. It's pretty annoying.

    Also, the prethemer video icon still points to videoplayer.launcher and not videoplayer, so it shows up as not being themed on the phone.

    I like to have full control over my themes, which is why I prefer using a zip file with WebOS QI.

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