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    i cant download the latest java cuzz my grand dads comp (he dont "trust" it) dont even get me started on that lol....but yeah his is the only one i have at this time... thanx good i got the preware squard away before my mom yeah webos quickistall not an option... but i have takin note of some themes that i have downloaded adding files such as scribs to my usb... could someone make a theme that is just a templet and changes the images for everything you see on the phone to be in the usb part so anyone can just downlaod use gimip copy pasy rename the pics they wanna use and replace the pics for the temple theme?... just a theme with all the regular stuff in the usb port thad be great if it would work thanx ohh and boot logo too
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    10 views no reply... Grrr... I take it it's not a good idea
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    Palm Pre Themes, Wallpapers and Boot Screens @ PreThemer
    1. choose a theme with the most changes
    2. download the theme as a ZIP
    3. open the zip
    4. edit as you like
    5. install the theme
    a. you can do this by using webos QI, or since you dont have that.
    b. using preware to install linux command line and install each file manually
    c. uploading the editted theme to Palm Pre Themes, Wallpapers and Boot Screens @ PreThemer, publishing it, then downloading it from preware>themes
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    thanx looks like I'll have to do it that way.... Again thanx just seems like a theme that pulls all images... Well it's help alot of people and make making a new theme easy cuzz all the stuff you need is already there

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