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    we all know that we can create bookmarks by going to a webpage, clicking Add to launcher, and giving it a name, url, and image icon.

    Does anyone know where that png of the icon resides in the phone? In what directory? I know where actual downloaded apps reside (cryptofs something directory), but this isnt an app; this is a bookmark behaving like an app.

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    I'm wondering this too, did you have any luck since March? It's not stored in the same location as the other applications ("/media/cryptofs/apps/usr.palm/applications"). I would love a search feature on Internalz right about now! Maybe you can search through Putty?
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    no luck at all. I wish there was a search feature of some sort. However a search for *.png could take days. They have to be somewhere, or perhaps not.

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    These should get you what you need.
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    So can you potentially change the appearance of the icons by replacing the .png with a different image but same pixel size and filename?

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