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    • Beveled launcher icons for all stock apps and all 3rd-party apps that i personally use.
    • Beveled icons for almost all notification and top bar icons.
    • Beveled lock screen (cant take a screenshot, but I've replaced the lockpad and clock. Lock screen clock is beveled with drop shadow added, lockpad is a small white bevel that pops in when you press it).
    • Black emoticons.
    • Many stock apps have been completely modified (screenshots below), including: Calendar, E-Mail, Messaging, Phone, Calculator, and Browser.


    - I have not included any patches with this theme so it does not conflict on install. I personally use scrim multi and scrim translucent top bar, as they go very well with this patch.

    To Do:

    - Redo all icons that are borrowed from other themes to better fit the overall theme style.
    - Create a version with patches included as an option.

    If you enjoy this theme and feel like donating to its progress, feel free to click the button below:

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    Updated and added to the Prethemer feed.

    Editing the first post with new screenshots.

    A couple of the icons are not exactly the way I want them. I'll be working on that in the next couple days.

    I don't know if there is any interest in this theme, I mostly made it so I can reinstall it easily if I ever have to doctor my phone. Let me know if you use it and want me to change anything.
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    Updated with icons for Facebook Beta, SaveRestore, and now includes the background in the preview pictures.
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    Looks really good. Can we request other icons be adapted to this theme if you have not covered them already?
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    Absolutely. E-Mail me any .png you would like along with the appid and I'll modify it and add it to the theme.
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    Good deal, I'm gonna install this and see what all icons aren't applied yet. I really like the simplistic concept behind this!

    Ok so I have a ton of them that need to be switched. How can I go about grabbing the .png's?

    Here is a quick list since you might have some of these apps already:

    • Music Player Remix
    • Pandora
    • New York Times
    • Break Videos
    • Engadget
    • LED Torch
    • WxRad
    • Sprint Navigation
    • Convert
    • Direct TV
    • Calculator
    • The Weather Channel
    • Videos
    • WootOn!
    • Opregle
    • DatPiff Mobile
    • FriendsBook
    • Background
    • Concerts
    • Pixelpipe Uploader
    • DevMode
    • Dealert
    • Party Sign
    • Jstop (I see yours up top but mine didn't change?)
    • Preware
    • Luna Manager
    • FillUps
    • Brightness Unlinked
    • Solitaire

    Now I obviously know you aren't going to convert all of these, I just figured I'd list what I currently have that isnt changed.
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    I just re-did the phone app to fit better with this theme. It is included in the 0.9.0 version on Prethemer.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Hybrid AWD View Post
    Ok so I have a ton of them that need to be switched. How can I go about grabbing the .png's?
    If you're using WOSQI to Receive Files, you need to know the namespace of the app. For example, Pandora is "com.palm.pandora".

    The icon locations for stock apps is: /usr/palm/applications/<namespace>/icon.png
    3rd party: /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/<namespace>/icon.png

    You can find the namespace by browsing your Palm either through Internalz, WOSQI command line, Novaterm, or SSH if you have that installed.

    There is a Pandora icon in the theme, but Prethemer does not seem to be applying every single icon correctly for some reason. When I install it 3 icons are currently being left out for some reason. I think it might have something to do with the programs being running while the theme is being installed. I am going to try disabling as many apps with background services I can and then re-installing the theme, and I will report back if that does the trick.

    As far as your list, I will try to get as many of them done as I can on my own. I can't guarantee when they will be done, so anything you would like ASAP I suggest you find through WOSQI and e-mail me.
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    Messaging app redone. Screenshot in first post.

    I strongly suggest using the messaging scrim patch to change to a darker background to go along with this theme.

    edit: calculator done now too
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    These stock apps have been completely modified:

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    Damn you're on top of this for sure!
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    Please let me know if you have any suggestions or see anything that doesn't look right.
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    Alright, I've finished redoing many of the launcher icons, including all of the stock app icons. I'm going to have to delete the theme from PreCentral and re-add it, so the Update feature will not work for this release (0.9.7).

    All future revisions will come with a changelog. Next project is to create a version with patches that make the theme look its best.
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    I've done a lot of updating recently.

    Click the PreThemer link to see the most recent version, and refresh this thread to see the new screenshots in the first post.
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    I love this theme
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    The theme is looking very nice. I liked this theme very much.

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