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    I put an iphone icons theme onto my phone, and I wish to change the boot screen back from the apple logo, to the original Palm logo.

    So, i go to the boot screens, download the ipk for the original boot screens, install via Quickinstall app, then restart luna.

    Now, when i start my phone, the flat normal palm logo appears, but then rather than switching to the bright logo, the apple comes back! and that stays for a while, then the apple goes bright >.<

    I have tried both quickinstalling, and sending the individual PNGs to the device and nothing has worked

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    Just to clarify... you do have copies of the normal and bright .png files to install, correct?

    Please follow the directions I posted HERE.

    If you don't have copies of the original boot screens, you can get them from HERE.
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    Ahhh thank you!

    Worked a treat!

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