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    since ive updated my phone and had to re-install preware i havent been able to add themes or patches. is there something im missing or need something new to do? im lost and need help..

    p.s. it shows Available Themes, available Patches, and package Update.. but i can click on it but nothing happens..
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    are you still in developer mode by any chance?
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    no ive turned it off
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    well turn it back on and see what happens. I'm not sure if themes need developer mode on or not, but i don't see why not since it is technically a change in the OS, which you cant do with out developer mode on
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    still the same problem..
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    dame that sucks, sorry man.. even after you had reseted ur pre after turning on developer mode and everything.
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    yeah i just did a reset and did it al over again and still the same problem.. oh well. thanks alot for taking some time to help out.. ill try and figure out something ..
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    <<thread renamed from just "I need help!">>

    Please give your threads a descriptive Title.

    Just call me Berd.
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